I am not usually a person that is scared easily by the sight of bugs. That being said, I learned that the most harmless looking bugs can be the biggest pain!

While camping in Ormond Beach, Florida, we experienced a large group of tiny white bugs that almost looked like specs of dust. They were kind of pretty. Until they weren’t. 

As I was trying to remove a bag from our car topper, they began to swarm around me. They were a mild annoyance. Then they began biting me. It stung like tiny fires being lit on my skin. I quickly got the bag down and zipped the topper closed. As I went in the restroom to change, I noticed tiny red dots everywhere. I rubbed myself in calamine lotion and went about my day.

I thought it was over. I was wrong. They seemed to reemerge from the protective covering of the calamine lotion for two days! The moral of the story, never underestimate something that seems tiny and cute. #bugs


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