In our travels across the country, we noticed that every major city has a uniqueness to it; Some have a museum that’s an amazing, giant, recycled, jungle gym for all ages ( in Saint Louis, MO). Some states have theme parks that are unique, created by the stars, and full of excitement ( in Pigeon Forge, TN). Some states have National Monuments like the first discovered by President Theodore Rosevelt ( in Devils Tower, WY).

The thing that we also found however is that in many ways all states are the same. They are full of homes, people, buildings, trees, and animals. While we all live in different climates, in different areas of the country, we all still go to work, make decisions, and live our lives the best we know how.

My son, being the unique character that he is, happened to notice something really fascinating. He noticed that everywhere we went, someone was homeless. He also noticed that in areas where population was greatest, people seemed to care the least. In one location, he saw a handicap, elderly, veteran on the street asking for help. He was devastated by the number of people that passed by without seeming to care or even recognize that this man was a person. At that moment, we had to have a serious talk about people. At the end of our talk, he decided that he was going to be the person to end homelessness. He decided that even if it took becoming president, he would do it!

In an attempt to help him streamline his vision, I suggested that we begin with care packages for the homeless. We are not extremely wealthy people, so we agreed to raise the money. He decided that he would raise the money by doing a lemonade stand. He has now made a vow to once a week donate half of a day on a lemonade stand. The goal is to raise $150 and use that money to make care packages. If that is well received by the homeless shelter, he will continue and set the goal higher.

I took my son on our epic road trip in an attempt to spend quality time with him, to teach him about our great country, to introduce him to the people that have impacted my life, and to teach him about travel. It turned out, he learned a much bigger lesson about himself and about people. He told me that we should all look out for each other and I couldn’t agree more or be more proud.

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