Georgia Is Beautiful!

My family has traveled to Georgia every summer for years. My grandmother, who we call Nana, has a home in the Appalachian mountains. It’s in a tiny town called Jasper. There are few things more beautiful than waking up to take your cup of hot coffee to rock on a porch while over looking the magnificent greenery of the Appalachian mountains.

This particular summer, my son and I have switched up our Georgia trip slightly. We instead decided to take on the whole United States (or most of it), starting by heading up the eastern coast of Georgia on our way to our next location.

Along the way, we did briefly stop in Savannah. We had never been to this part of Georgia. As it turns out, we were missing something spectacular. As we drove through tunnels of beautiful foliage we began to arrive at Forsyth Park. This is a beautiful Parisian inspired park that is the home of culture, family, and life. It’s a place where tourists and locals gather. The gathering of natural beauty, history, and people is truly amazing. I can’t wait for an opportunity for us to come back and explore further.

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