My Kid is Sick, Now What?

This weekend is 4th of July weekend!! Yay!

In our house, we go all out for holidays. It’s a thing I’ve always done. I get excited when I decorate the house and we have fun games. Don’t get me wrong, I still need dance music and a Not Your Father’s Root Beer to get me through the cleaning process, but I can’t help but feel excited when we’re all together laughing. 

This year, the festivities were cut short. Not only could we not do anything fancy, I couldn’t go to work, or even the grocery store. My son is sick. Now, I’m not saying that going to the grocery store is impossible when your kid is sick, but when you’re a single parent, it’s pretty close. He has two ear infections and strep throat. I can’t even imagine the pain he’s in. I’ve let him lay around and I’ve catered to his needs.

As a parent, you take care of your child when he/she is sick. What no one usually talks about is how parents survive. It sounds selfish, so we don’t mention these things. Yet, here I am. I’m exhausted from being awake every time he’s awake at night. I’m exhausted from being awake when he’s not, because someone has to stay up and clean up. I’m stuck in the house. I can’t get groceries or even see the sun. Every time I leave the room, there’s crying about needing something, but when I’m in the room he doesn’t need me at all. To top it off, I feel like a terrible person for wanting to go to work and to go buy groceries.

I think there is an unwritten rule in the parenting book that says, we will never warn people of these instances, or the human race will cease to exist. I break these rules. I choose to break all of the rules. Let me know if you’re with me, in your own way, and Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your independence!

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